Justin Harvey

Nashville Tornado


The sirens began droning just as I was falling asleep. I opened my eyes to a spectacular light show bleeding through the bedroom windows. My family and I took shelter in the center of our home and we heard the fabled train sound and our house rumbled. I knew it was passing close by, if not over us. Fifteen seconds later it was over. I dressed and stepped outside to inspect the damage. Nothing worse than some displaced patio furniture at my house. 500ft away the story was very different. This morning I ventured out to check on my neighbors, help out however I could, and document the damage.

This is the Donelson neighborhood of Nashville, TN. 3/3/2020

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Radnor Lake Stroll


I recently took a walk with Audra, Stephanie, and Ben at Nashville’s Radnor Lake. I had the camera in tow and snapped a few shots along the way. This autumn wasn’t nearly as beautiful as is typical for Tennessee, but it’s hard not to find something beautiful, especially at this city surrounded nature reserve.

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