Justin Harvey

The Empty – Entry 3


5 minutes. I feel the heat wave they’ve told us about, which they immediately follow with, “if you feel it, run! You’re in the path of the advance!” Their description is wrong. It’s not so much a wave as a pulsation, like the atoms in and around me are briefly igniting, then… not. It’s weird standing this close to the event horizon, not freezing, not even the slightest bit cold. Before the Empty swallows you into its frozen entropic vortex, it microwaves you on the warm setting. How quaint.

I bet Stephen Hawking would have loved to experience this… of course not until he had finished with the “I told you so’s”. The geniuses at CERN3 knew better, but 100bn GeV had already been reached… why not 117bn GeV? What could go wrong? Smooth move McFly, you hit 88mph! 20th century historians can appreciate that. Anyway, Hawking was actually pretty close on this one… only the expansion was much slower, with no gravity, and geosynchronously linked… minor details.

Funny. I figured my last minutes would be filled with epiphany, documenting the wonders of the Empty at the moment of advance… but here I am ranting, again.

2 Minutes.

If I’m going to postpone the inevitable, now’s the time. Dog is out of range. I moved my belongings yesterday. My house is a goner for sure, but the farm will survive (this time). Ugh! Mortality. You can’t live with it. See what I did there?

1 minute.

300 meters.



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